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Baum Site 22 Part I: At the Bridge

Benson J. Lossing's Pictorial Field book to the American Revolution

With a clear view of the Walloomsac valley, Stark dispatched a contingent of troops to assist Gregg's retreat. When one of Baum’s Indian elders pursued the retreating Rebels too closely, he was shot and killed. Saddened by the incident, the Indians held a burial ceremony and sixteen Dragoons fired three volleys. While the Indians were satisfied with the gesture of respect, it alarmed the retreating Rebels who returned to attack Baum’s army from the northeast and southeast.

Stark and Baum each probed the each other’s forces, Baum immediately became aware of a large Rebel force on a ridge opposite them. If Baum proceeded onto the flats beyond the river, the enemy artillery would bombard them. So Baum decided to secure his position, which afforded him the advantage of an elevated position with a natural water-barrier. Baum’s troops fired their cannons at the rebels until they retreated. By the end of the day, Stark knew the size and strength of Baum’s command, while Baum and his troops had learned how the Rebels and Indians fight.

Both Baum and Wasmus wrote about the way the Indians and Rebels fought – firing a few shots and then retreating to the woods. This was a very different way to fight a military battle, today we call it guerrilla warfare.

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