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Baum Site 6 Part I: Saratoga Encampment

Cabin in the Woods by FOC Darley – Library of Congress

The evening of August 11th, Wasmus reported being able to see the estate of American General Philip Schuyler on the opposite shore. He expressed enormous delight at the sight of the Dutch Reformed Church, the first church they had seen since Canada. Today, you can visit General Schuyler's mansion which is operated by the National Park Service, on the east side of US Route 4. A historic marker located across the road, just south of the Schuyler House, identifies the location of the Dutch Reformed Church.

They rested at two farmhouses on the Hudson. Some of the grain had been harvested and stored in the house. The gardens were full of fruit and vegetables. During the night, there were severe thunderstorms, which preceded an exceedingly hot and humid day on August 12th. The men were quite fortunate to have found shelter, since they were traveling light, and did not have tents. Wasmus presumed that the owners had run off to hide in the woods in fear of the approaching Germans.

Today, trees block the view of the village of Schuylerville on the opposite side of the Hudson, but in 1777, the area would have been cleared for cultivation. If you look between the trees, you can see the stone obelisk that commemorates the Battles of Saratoga, as well as the St. Stephen Episcopal Church, which stands at the southern edge of the village of Schuylerville.

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