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Baum Site 7 Part I: More About the Germans


It was curious that Burgoyne entrusted Baum to the campaign. Very little is known about the Brunswick officer prior to the American Revolution, other than that he had fought alongside the British in the European theatre of the Seven Years War. For Baum, this was likely an opportunity to prove himself as a leader, but it is possible that Burgoyne was simply ridding himself of what he considered his least effective troops.

The speed and ability of the Dragoons was compromised because the British would not pay to transport their horses to Canada, expecting that there would be horses when in when they arrived. However, this was later found not to be the case. Despite being on foot, the Dragoons wore light blue coats, cocked hats and carried broadswords weighing 10-12 pounds. They had traded their traditional thigh-high riding boots for marching boots, but were encumbered by heavy gear and had been trained to fight on horseback, not on foot. This made warfare in the wilderness even more challenging for the foreign troops.

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