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Bicentennial Falls

Geologic Feature
Launching kayaks against the backdrop of Bicentennial Falls. – Courtesy of Cathy Frank, in A Paddler's Guide to the Champlain Valley

Bicentennial Falls, also known as the Falls of Carillon, is both a natural beauty and a site of immense history. While this river does connect Lake George and Lake Champlain, its many rapids and falls make it impossible to navigate; these conditions led this area to be used as a common spot of portage between the lakes. The falls have also been the location of countless conflicts, and the French, British, Native Americans, and Colonials alike have all passed this spot on military expeditions. These falls later powered an abundance of industrial activity. The Bicentennial Falls now remain as a picturesque natural feature and a reminder of the past.

Recreational Opportunities

Fishing and Boating