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Blueway Trail: Port Henry and Crown Point

7 Points of Interest

This segment is a loop that leads paddlers along Crown Point, a state historic site that has been the location of two separate forts under different sovereigns. The trail continues into Bulwagga Bay, an ideal spot for wildlife viewing, and then onward to the village of Port Henry, which includes a number of parks, beaches, and campgrounds, along with an informative museum that showcases the town’s rich mining and iron-ore history.

Launch Sites: Crown Point Campground Boat Launch

Paddling Distance: 10 miles (16 kilometers)

Insider Tip from Paddlers Cathy Frank & Margaret Holden: "Paddle deep into Bulwagga Bay to experience good wildlife viewing. Enjoy rolling the name of the bay across your mouth. Along the low, eastern shore of Bulwagga Bay, the flat rock surface just above the water line offers rewarding sights of 450-million-year-old gastropod fossils. Look carefully."

Other Notes: If a northern wind is present, the north side of Crown Point can have crashing waves against it, making it dangerous for paddlers. The rest of the segment is relatively protected. In the case of a southern wind, the return trip from Port Henry would be best done along the shore.