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Blueway Trail: Whitehall to South Bay (Chubbs Dock)

7 Points of Interest

It is recommended that this segment be completed south to north. This segment begins in historic Whitehall, the birthplace of the American Navy, and brings paddlers through the waters that became a murky grave for a number of Revolutionary War ships. The trail also explores South Bay, which offers paddlers ample wildlife viewing opportunities.

Launch sites: Whitehall Marina at Lock 12; Chubbs Dock WMA Access

Paddling Distance: 15.2 miles (24.5 kilometers)

Insider Tip from Paddlers Cathy Frank & Margaret Holden: "South Bay is turtle world. Big ones, small ones, colorful ones, plain ones--all line up on logs and ledges as if waiting for some grand event. Quite, shallow water protected from wind, and a good layer of mud on the bottom for winter protection, make this ideal turtle habitat."

Other Notes: Water chestnut and milfoil fill many of the bays along this segment and can make paddling along the shore near impossible. Wave driven waves are not an issue, but the waves caused by passing motor boats are significant because boats generally do not slow down for paddlers. While surrounding wetlands absorb the large waves from the power boats, you do need to stay closer to the shore when a boat is passing. In the narrower sections of this passage, where rocks and in some cases walls line the waterway, those waves reverberate off the walls and come back at the paddler for a second round. In those cases, staying too close to the shore is a problem. In other words, be careful and aware of boats.