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Cohoes Falls View Park & Overlook Park

Geologic Feature
View of the Cohoes Falls from Falls View Park located in Cohoes, N.Y.

Second only to Niagara—Cohoes Falls, also known as the Great Falls of the Mohawk, is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Rocky Mountains. The Mohawk River plunges nearly a hundred feet here, a navigation obstacle to early explorers, before emptying into the Hudson River. The falls have been regarded as a landmark, a sacred site, a scenic wonder and a source of power for generations.

Throughout Cohoes’ history, the Falls have been an important part in the redevelopment of the City. In fact, the word Cohoes is believed to have come from either the Native American word Ca-ha-hoose or Coho – meaning “falling or shipwrecked canoe.” Venture to the Cohoes Falls Overlook Park for an afternoon picnic or to get an overlook view of the Falls.

The four-acre Falls View Park offers visitors a scenic view of the Cohoes Falls never before open to the public. One can gain access to the park by walking on a footbridge over the power canals. Interpretive panels can be found in Fall Views Park’s canal-side plaza which were created by the National Park Service.

Recreational Opportunities

Visitors to Falls View Park can now enjoy a wide range of recreational and historical features including:

  • A two-bus, drop-off area and an informational kiosk along North Mohawk Street;
  • A 192-foot-long pedestrian bridge spanning the School Street power canal from North Mohawk Street to the primary overlook area;
  • Primary and secondary overlook areas with views of the falls and access to nearby trails;
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA)-compliant facilities such as fishing platforms. These platforms are topped with IPE wood, a strong, dense wood, harvested only from naturally sustainable forests.
  • This fire-resistant wood has very high wear durability in daily use, and is resistant to splintering and checking; and
  • An 80-person amphitheatre.


Seasons And Hours Accessible

The carry in/carry out park will be open during daylight hours from May through October. Off-street parking is available for park visitors. The river bed trail does has limited hours of accessibilty. Please call (518) 743-2083 to find out, among other information, whether it is open when planning your visit.