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Corridor Management Plan Update

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Route 22 in Washington County – Washington County Tourism

National Scenic Byway Program grant to update the Corridor Management Plan for Lakes to Locks Passage as a “second generation” of planning for the byway. The plan reflects the merger of two NYS byways that share historic, natural, cultural and recreational resources. The merger created a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts, earning the Federal Highway Administration designation as an All-American Road. This designation generated a sense of responsibility to deliver an outstanding traveler experience while instilling a commitment to manage the byway resources in a manner that balances the promote vs. protect paradox.

The plan addresses the needs of two audiences – the resident and the visitor. It articulates a respect for local control and management of the byway, strategies for building pride in communities, generating ownership of the byway at the local level, and developing a commitment to stewardship of the intrinsic resources. Implementation of the plan rests on partnerships between government agencies and non-profit organizations. These local institutions are dedicated to preserving community culture, and are best suited to ensuring that the byway’s resources are protected for future generations.

The vision and goals for the management plan are geared to ensure:

  • the traveler has intermodal access to the byway experiences,
  • the visitor has an authentic and meaningful experience,
  • the delivery of the experience is through real people in real places,
  • the economic impact of the visitor is maximized for the community, while the impact to byway intrinsic resources is minimized,
  • and the byway management enhances the quality of life for all communities along Lakes to Locks Passage.

From the local visioning process, the commonalties were used to develop regional goals and objectives that unify the regional and community revitalization efforts. The plan provides the justification for investment by both the public and private sectors for implementation of numerous actions that have been identified by state and municipal interests, civic and non-profit organizations, as well as individual and private sector business groups.