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Driving Tour of Riverspark

On Your Own
View from Bridge – Greg La Civita

An Itinerary on the Alfred Z. Solomon Cultural Heritage Trail

When a natural resource weds technology, communities and civilizations grow. Abundant and cheap waterpower sparked the nation's first major industrial communities on the Lakes to Locks Passage. Its strategic location along natural waterways made it a transportation hub, with a network of canals and later railroads that expanded in all directions. Located at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk rivers and the epicenter of New York's canal system, RiverSpark is New York State's first Heritage Area comprising of the communities of Cohoes, Colonie, Green Island, Troy, Waterford, and Waterviliet. This was the center of the thriving iron and textile industries, and the birthplace of some of the nation's first labor union activities. The following Googlemap-based itinerary connects selected points of interest relevant to the industrial tradition of the RiverSpark Heritage Area.

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What About this Experience is Distinctive or Authentic to the Character of the Region?

The Riverspark area was part of the earliest dutch settlements north of New York City, and contains the oldest incorporated village in the State of New York (Waterford). The location at the epicenter of the Canal System made Riverspark an important hub for traffic, and raw materials were shipped to Troy and sent to ports around the world as finished products. Today, Riverspark is part of "New York's Tech Valley," but has maintained its historic roots and character.

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Did you know...?

That major motion pictures including "Ironweed," "The Age of Innocence," and "The Scent of a Woman" were filmed in Troy, earning it the nickname "Hollywood on the Hudson."

Did you know...?

That Troy probably has more Tiffany windows per square mile than any other city in the USA? Visit the Troy RiverSpark Visitor's Center and pick-up a copy of their Walking tour of Tiffany Window.


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