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Forgotten War Extended Scholar Interviews

Passage Minutes
The Victory of Montcalm's Troops at Carillion – Henry Alexander Ogden

Extended Scholar Interviews:

Fred Anderson: Did the Natives involved in the war understand the consequences of their actions?

Marge Bruchac: What is the difference between the Algonquian people and the Iroquois?

Stephen Brumwell:

Michael Galban: What is the relationship between the British and the Iroquois in 1750?

Elijah Gould: What was unique about living on a borderland?

Ian McCulloch: Describe the Battle of Ticonderoga.

Tim Todish:

Fred Wiseman: What brought the Abenaki to the North Country?

Additional Video Segments:

[Native Nations and Cultural Mix](<iframe width=)

[Indian Fighters](<iframe width=)


FORGOTTEN WAR: Struggle for North America tells the little-known story of how the native people of North America controlled the outcome of this war that defined our history as a nation and a people. This one-hour special taps an international panel of experts to dig beneath the familiar history, and shed new light on the multi-cultural blend of natives, Europeans, and Africans that was the North America of the 1750’s. We follow the fate of the Abenaki people—one of the most influential Indian nations in early American history; and we examine the realities behind the myth of Robert Rogers and his legendary Rangers—the frontier partisans who gained heroic status in this brutal war.