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Fort Edward Historical Association

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Fort Edward Historical Association

Organization Mission

The Fort Edward Historical Association is housed at the Old Fort House Museum on Lower Broadway in Fort Edward, New York. It is a non-for-profit association that has been chartered by the New York State Board of Regents since 1927. Its collection is made up of roughly 200,000 artifacts from Fort Edward and the surrounding region. Researchers, students, tour-groups, and the general public have access to the association’s resources and the museum on a regular basis throughout the year, or by appointment. More information about the Fort Edward Historical Association and the Old Fort House Museum’s hours of operation can be found here.

1925 marks the year of the Fort Edward’s Historical Association’s fist meeting. With Dr. Silas J. Banker as President, there were 71 founding members, including key-contributors Mr. William H. Hill and Mrs. Sue E. Wade. The Great Depression marked a relatively quiet time for the Fort Edward Historical Association. Activity picked up again in the late 1940’s with the idea to purchase and restore The Old Fort House, which suffered severe fire damage in 1943, with its primary purpose to serve as a museum and local history repository. It wasn’t until 1953 when the Fort Edward Historical Association was given the Old Fort House property. The Old Fort House Museum officially opened to the public on July 12, 1953.

The years following marked a time of growth for the Fort Edward Historical Association, and the Old Fort House Museum as well. William H. Hill and Sue Wade can be credited with this throughout the 1950’s. Both bequeathed a large number of their personal items to the museum upon their deaths—both in the 1950’s. School groups and tourists began to visit the museum during this time. By 1979, the association’s membership had reached 400 people.

From the 1970’s onwards, the Fort Edward Historical Association obtained buildings and structures that were in danger of demolition. Where possible, funds were used to relocate them to the museum’s campus. The structures were either restored to their original intent or rehabbed to showcase the museum’s expanding collections of local historical materials pertaining to, but not limited to, the communities of Fort Edward, Hudson Falls, and Kingsbury.