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Kinns Road Park

Trail entrance at Kinns Road Park – Jude Hazard

(Permit needed for dogs off-leash only)
- Dogs must come reliably when called.
- Dogs must not approach or touch people or leashed dogs without permission.
- Dogs must be leashed when in or entering the parking and picnic areas.
- Dogs are not allowed on private property adjoining the park.
- Owners must clean up after their dogs. (Town Dog Ordinance Chapter 92.6C)
- Do not lose sight of your dog(s) at any time.
- Dogs must have tags on collar identifying NYS dog license and park permit.
- Permittee may only bring up to three (3) dogs to Kinns Road Park at any one time.
- Permit must be clearly displayed on owner(s) car.
- The exercise area is subject to all the rules, regulations and procedures governing town parks.
- Dog Park may not be used for business purposes without express written consent of the Town of Clifton Park.
- Permit must be clearly displayed on owner(s) car.

***Enforcement of these rules is under the immediate supervision of the Town Animal Control Officer. Violation of the rules is subject to all fines and penalties as set in local laws and ordinances and may also lead to permit being revoked and permit fee forfeited.

Best Seasons And Times For Viewing



Kinns Road Park is a forest area of approximately 64 acres located at 625 Kinns Road in Clifton Park, NY. Kinns Road Park offers mainly passive recreational opportunities including hiking trails and picnic areas. This park has beautiful wooded trails that are use year-round for hikers and orienteers. In the spring and fall, the trails give good access to birding areas. During the winter, the trails are groomed for cross-country skiing.

Identify And Describe The Management Organization

Kinns Road Park is owned and managed by the Town of Clifton Park.

Primary Access Points And Trail Heads

There is a small parking lot at 625 Kinns Road that offer three access points into the trail system.