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Julius Wasmus:

"Our Major General von Riedesel came to us this morning and had a long conversation with our Liet. Colonel Baum and at his departure, he left our Captain O’Connell and the English Engineer Liet. Durnford behind. Among the Volunteers, we also had Colonel Skene with us, who owns Skenesborough, Colonel Forster [Pfister] (a Braunschweiger by birth), and Capt. MacKay. These have been assigned to Lieut. Colonel Baum either as aides or because they knew the countryside around here and could understand several languages, especially English, French and the languages of the Savages. Since Lieut. Colonel Baum understood none of all these languages, those men were very necessary for him. This evening, they sent us flour on horseback, from which bread is to be baked tonight."