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New Skete Monastery - Gardens

Garden or Arboretum
Waterfall at Meditation Garden – Br. Marc

Best Seasons And Times For Viewing

Late spring til early fall.

Closed on Mondays. Open to visitors from 12:30PM to 4:30PM.


The meditation garden at New Skete is set in the rugged landscape of rocks and boulders of the Taconic Klippe. The ornamental trees were donated to the monastery while the majority of the plants and landscaping materials were gathered from the woods and arranged according to a design provided by landscape architect Keith Davitt. The plantings are refreshed annually by Anastasia Nute and the water feature is overseen by Brother Stavros. The heirmocalis were bred by the nuns of New Skete at their monastery where they prepare their world famous cheesecakes.

The second garden is located further down New Skete Lane at Emmaus House. The Sanctuary Gardens and the Woodland Path surround the monastery at Emmaus House where the New Skete companions reside. Sit in the shade and appreciate the various icon shrines along the way. The Sanctuary Gardens and Woodland Path have been developed by Sister Melanie.

New Skete is an Eastern Orthodox monastery established in Cambridge in 1967. We welcome all to enjoy our gardens, tour our churches, admire our art, learn about our dogs and taste our cheesecakes.

Don’t Miss This When Visiting

Hubbard Hall

The Secrete Garden of Ellen Faber an Steve Rubin
The Gardens of Kerry Woods and Caz Lewis
Black Hole Hollow Farm
The Woodland Gardens of Lisa Cassano

Visit the two churches of New Skete to enjoy the liturgical art
Visit the gift shops located at the Monks Monastery and the Nuns Monastery, don't forget the cheesecake.

Identify And Describe The Management Organization

Hubbard Hall Garden Tour

Plant Species And Collections

Natural vegetation, roses, annuals and perrenials.

Suggested Further Reading

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