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Rocky Ledges Trail

Routes and Trails
The Rocky Ledge Trail lives up to it's name – Chris Maron


Trailhead on Leaning Rd 150 yards south of Jersey Street (County Road 12). Trail through forest, below a 30-foot cliff, and up a rocky ravine. During hunting season and after logging occurs, the trail is re-routed along edge of field before entering the forest and climbing a series of ledges. The trail splits into the following two trails.

Mountain Route, the right fork, has a moderately steep climb, meets an old woods road and connects to Boquet Mountain Trail. Turn left, walk about 500 yards to the Foothill Route. Turn left and return to trailhead. Or continue on Boquet Mountain Trail to Cook Road.

Foothill Route, the left fork, is relatively level and climbs a little to meet Boquet Mountain Trail. Turn right, walk about 500 yards to the Mountain Route. Turn right and go back to trailhead. In Fall, the leaves on the descent can be slippery.

Distance And Terrain

2 mile loop, easy/moderate

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