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Stillwater Blockhouse

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Stillwater Block House – Town of Stillwater Historian

The Stillwater Blockhouse is historically unique. It was built in part with timbers from Revolutionary War era sturctures once standing within what is now Saratoga National Historic Park, in Stillwater. It replicates the early 18th century blockhouses of the region, but was actually built in 1927 as New York State turned the site of the American Revolution's 1777 "Turning Point Battles" into a historical park.

The Blockhouse at the Battlefield, was a popular attraction used primarily as a visitor center-museum. Later, a new and larger visitor center-museum was erected an park officials eventually decided in 1975 to donate the Blockhouse to the Town of Stillwater.

Today, the Stillwater Blockhouse stands in a small park on a notably scenic section of the Hudson River, and is dedicated to local history. At different times during the colonial period, two historic forts and a blockhouse stood watch on nearby sites. Today's visitors can view the "loopholes" that allow shooting straight down upon the enemy, cannon and exhibits that highlight life and conflict in the 18th century.

Identify And Describe The Management Organization

Operated by by the non-profit "Blockhouse Committee" and volunteers.

What Are The Stories Told In This Facility

French and Indian War

American Revolution and the Battles of Saratoga

Local Native American History

Local Mills and Industry

What Are The “Don’t Miss” Experiences In This Community

Stillwater Historians Office

Saratoga National Historical Park

Champlain Canalway Trail

Stillwater Farmers Market

What Communities Does This Facility Serve

Town and Village of Stillwater


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Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day Wed-Sun 12-4