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Sustainable Forestry Demonstrations at Martin's Lumber

Action Opportunity
Checking out the size of this white pine during a Fall Farm Tours woods walk – Michele Dugan

Sustainable forestry is managing and working the forest in a way that it is cared for, allowing the forest to provide healthy trees for us now and for generations to come.

Martin's Lumber is a 100 acre Certified Tree Farm, operating a portable band sawmill used to produce rough sawed lumber. It is a family run business, operated by Gary and Winefred Martin who live here along with, her brother, Bill and is listed as one of the stops on the various tours in Thurman (Thurman Maple Weekends, Thurman Fall Farm Tour and Thurman-Forest, Farm & Country Fix’s Tour that ran in conjunction with Thurman Station).

Silviculture is actively practiced to promote sustainable forestry management, striving to keep our forest Green, not only looking at what can be harvested today, but planning to ensure crops for future generations.

Martin's Lumber is also the home of Lucyann's Stained Glass Stepping Stones,

Produced at Martin's Lumber: Adirondack Siding (aka Wavy Siding, Wane Siding or Live Edge siding), 2" or 3" slabs for counters, bar tops or tables tops, timbers, mantles, beams, octagon posts, grade stakes, hardwood, character wood and dimensional lumber. Using some of the 2” slabs custom signs are made.

Lucyann @ Martin’s Lumber produces Stained Glass Stepping Stones and Paper Bead Jewelry. The Stepping Stones (2 sizes) & Stained Glass Benches, are made in various designs including special orders and one of a kind, personalized stones with names and logos. Although many keep them for inside use (table top, stool, door stop or just a decorative item) they are made for, and can be used outside in gardens and walkways.

Paper Bead Jewelry consists of necklaces, bracelets and the "Evergreen" line earrings, with a large variety of beads used within these designs. The newspaper beads are died various colors with bits of newsprint visible that give a depth to the bead along with the unique characteristic. Junk mail beads have vibrant and varied colors depending on the print in the paper. Each bead is different, there are no two alike. Special order beads can be made from a variety of papers for personalized, one of a kind jewelry. Wedding invitations, programs from a memorable event, menus (did you get engaged at your favorite restaurant?), invitations to a baby or bridal shower, save the date cards or any other paper that holds a special meaning for you can be made in to beads for the jewelry of your choice.

What The Result Will Be

Discover the benefits of logging not only for the end product off the lumber yard but for the enhancement of the forest and for those who make the forest their home. Understand various logging techniques that not only allow for harvesting of mature trees but enhance the growth of our sustainable product. Understand how trails can become paths for erosion and learn what precautions to take to prevent that.

What You Can Do

Martin's Lumber is an active tour site during the Thurman Maple Days, the last full 3 weekends in March. Visit Martin's Lumber to learn more about sustainable forestry practiced today. Owners of wooded property can learn how woodland management can benefit them and their forests. Through one of our tours or by prearrangement, weather permitting, take the woods walk: identify various trees, view sustainable logging practices in action, learn how wood roads and landings are built for low impact logging and share in our love of the trees.

During the sawmill demonstration, notice the blade on our mill, it reduces the once standard “kerf” (the width of the “bite” the saw blade makes while slicing boards), yielding more lumber and less sawdust.

Call ahead to make arrangements for sawmill and craft demonstrations and a woods walk.