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The Alice T. Miner Museum

Historic Museums and Attractions
The Alice T. Miner Museum – PHOTOPIA / Shaun Heffernan

The Alice T. Miner Museum is open May through the end of December by guided tour only.

Tours start at 10:00 am, Noon, and 2:00 pm, Tuesday thru Saturday.

Don't Miss This When Visiting

You must see the two wonderful 15th century manuscripts from France and Spain: the Breviary of Henri de Lorraine, the Bishop of Therouanne, and the gradual leaf are the center pieces of the Spiritual Exhibit on the third floor of this lovely museum. Alice acquired these manuscripts at the beginning of the 20th century. Also on the third floor look for the ink well and wine cistern once owned by Abraham Lincoln.

The museum was opened in 1924 by Alice T. Miner to house her burgeoning collection of decorative art, 18th & 19th century furniture, manuscripts, letters and archives. 'The Alice' has a unique and varied collection ranging from American Indian stone implements and baskets, Babylonian tablets, silhouettes, textiles, Japanese woodblock prints to 18th and 19th century American furniture, porcelain and glass, to letters written by famous Americans such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Quincy Adams to name a few.

Visit The Heart's Delight Farm Heritage Exhibit at Miner Institute to learn more about Alice and her husband, William Miner. Miner Institute is located 5 miles west of The Alice.

Closer to the museum is Riverview Cemetery where Alice and William are interred in a stone mausoleum, along with their infant child and Alice's sisters. The cemetery has a beautiful stone chapel also built by Alice and William Miner and is located less than a half mile south of The Alice on State Route 9.

Suggested Further Reading

If you want to see more before your visit go to the museum blog to read about the Thomas Jefferson letters, books, manuscripts, and Alice herself! There are many photographs from the collection and detailed, fun information about what you will see on a tour of The Alice.