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The Story of Cobble Hill Bill


“Cobble Hill Bill,” named after Cobble Hill in Elizabethtown, was found as a bear cub by a local hunter. The hunter presented the bear cub to the daughter of Judge Gildersleeve, then a guest at the Windsor Hotel in Elizabethtown and President of the Cobble Hill Golf Course. When the Gildersleeve’s departed, Cobble Hill Bill stayed on as hotel mascot and was taken care of by Orlando Kellogg. This wild animal was never meant to be seen, but Cobble Hill Bill was, for several years, a familiar figure on the lawn of the old Windsor Hotel. Bill spent the summer days chained to a stake. Somehow he slipped his collar and escaped into the surrounding woods where he was shot by the pursuing posse. His grieving owner had him stuffed and put on display in the lobby of the hotel.

The Worked/Wild Exhibition explores how the Adirondack landscape has determined the path of its human history. The exhibition addresses complex themes and differing perspectives that emerged from community discussions about the meaning of worked and wild in the Adirondacks.

No doubt, each item on display in Adirondack History Center Museum's Worked/Wild Exhibition tells many different stories - we would like to invite you to share your stories and your memories of the Adirondacks.