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Walking Guide to Plattsburgh--the Lake City

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Walking Guide to Plattsburgh


Plattsburgh is a vibrant city, known for its scenic location at the confluence of the Saranac River and beautiful Lake Champlain. We invite you to explore the outstanding natural features, plentiful recreational opportunities, thriving cultural attractions and the historic legacy of the Lake City. You will discover a rich and unique heritage — and warm hospitality.

The earliest buildings in Plattsburgh consisted mainly of mills and rough dwelling houses, situated near fortifications for protection. The Saranac River provided the water power that spurred the growth of early industries, while Lake Champlain’s connection to the canal systems provided a route to move goods to national and foreign markets. Plattsburgh’s strategic location has served all four branches of our nation’s military on water, land and air for over 200 years. Plattsburgh’s key moment in history came when the local militia had to fight off a British invasion in September 1814. The success of American forces ended the War of 1812, and ushered in nearly two hundred years of peace and prosperity with our Canadian
neighbors to the north.

Today, Plattsburgh enjoys flourishing arts, museums, historic districts, shopping, and recreational opportunities. With or without the “h,” is often the question. That was finally decided in 1951 when the U.S. Postal Service determined that the official city post office was to be Plattsburgh, with the h. Confusion remains today for the traveler when encountering highway signs that point to Plattsburg. Any way you spell it, let this guide take you by foot, boat, bike, or car, to all the great sites the Lake City has to offer.

Download the full walking guide to Plattsburgh as a PDF. Link below.