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Walking Tour of Westport, NY

On Your Own

This tour will guide you through the evolution of Westport from its early industrial and agricultural beginnings to a summer resort that has responded to dramatic changes in expectations for rest and recreation over the course of a century and a half.

Best Times to Go


What About this Experience is Distinctive or Authentic to the Character of the Region?

The view from Ballard Park embraces Lake Champlain, the life blood of this town, the source of its prosperity, identity, and even its name. Westport grew outward from this intersection in a pattern visible in the style and form of the buildings along this self-guided tour. Federal and Greek Revival-style houses occupy the nearest lots. Mid-nineteenth-century homes filled in spaces between earlier buildings, and spread out beyond the town center. The fire of 1876 destroyed all the buildings on these two central blocks, so structures at the center of town date from the last decades of the nineteenth century.

What You Should Know Before You Go

Begin the tour at Heritage House, the historic Baptist Church (1877) on Main Street where welcoming ambassadors, exhibits and video interviews offer the best introduction to Westport. Cross the street to Ballard Park to get your bearings.