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Westport Heritage House

Lakes to Locks Passage Gateway Visitor and Heritage Centers
Kim Rielly

The Westport Heritage House is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture prominent throughtout the village of Westport. It once served as a Baptist Church from 1839 until 1939 when it united with the Methodist Church to form a federation.

The original building was constructed in 1828 at the top of the highest hill west of the village, called Meeting-House Hill, located on what is today the Stevenson Road. That building was moved to this location in 1839 where it stood until the "Great Fire of 1876". That fire claimed several buildings wiping out the western part of Main Street. The church was rebuilt in 1877.

Today the building is home to the Westport Heritage House, where it is used as a Community Center for the town and a Visitor Center welcoming travelers to the area. Please...come inside to see the beautiful stained glass windows, large wooden doors and Interpretive Panels of the Westport area.

There is no entrance fee to the Westport Heritage House, though a fee may be assessed for hall rentals.

Identify And Describe The Management Organization

The Westport Heritage House is managed by a 16 member sub-committee of the Westport Chamber of Commerce. All funding for the WHH is received through fund raisers and donations, no Chamber financing. The Westport Chamber of Commerce is the "parent" behind the idea of our Visitor and Community Center.

What Are The Stories Told In This Facility

This facility tells the stories of the old Westport Inn and current uses of those properties, Westport's history of steamboat, train and automobile - roads to our resort community that continue today, our Mountain Spring water that was served at the White House and shows our community of artists that have been inspired here for several hundred years.

What Are The “Don’t Miss” Experiences In This Community

Don't miss - a Depot Theatre production, a Shakesphere in the Park production, recreation on the waterfront, hiking the trails of Coon Mountain for views of the Adirondacks, Green Mountains and farm lands, work of local artists at the Westport Heritage House art shows, evening concerts in Ballard Park or at the Westport Library, lectures at the Wadhams Free Library, waterfront dining, a beautiful 18-hole golf course, summertime polo matches and winter skating and sledding in Ballard Park.

What Communities Does This Facility Serve

This facility serves the Westport area, including the hamlet of Wadhams.


Season And Hours Open

The Westport Heritage House Visitor Center is open from the first Saturday in June until June 25th and from Labor Day until Columbus Day on weekends only. From June 25th until Labor Day the Visitor Center is open Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays, with the exception of holiday Mondays. Open hours are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and Sunday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

The Westport Heritage House Hall and Chapel are available for use throughout the year.