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Willsboro Bay

By Water
Approaching Willsboro Bay. – Courtesy of Cathy Frank


Willsboro Bay is a deep and peaceful fjord-like bay. The bay’s western shore is undeveloped and is comprised of many sheer cliffs; boaters are able to travel very close to its edge and explore the many waterfalls and rocky crevices.These towering cliffs on the west side of the bay are quite spectacular.

From this bay, boaters have access to two marinas, as well as the Willsboro Bay State Boat Launch.

Insider Tip from Paddlers Cathy Frank and Margaret Holden: "

Along the west side of Willsboro Bay, particularly at the northern end where the cliffs are high, the water is up to 150 ft deep. If it is not too windy or wavy, paddle right up parallel to the rock wall and put your hand on it. As the water gently sloshes back and forth you can almost feel the water depth. The proximity of the railroad tracks (often hidden) to the shore results in wooded stretches giving the impression of undeveloped shorelines."