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World Awareness Children's Museum

Cultural Museums and Collections

go! is a unique, hands-on children's museum featuring art, artifacts and activities from around the world. Children create culturally-inspired experiences to help them form positive ideas about people with whom they share the world. The peaceful connections experienced during your visit promote positive images of diverse cultures by planting seeds of understanding that will prepare children to be better citizens of our multicultural world. The dedicated staff introduce children to topics related to geography, foods, daily activities and traditions in other countries. These educational modules provide an opportunity to bring our diverse world to children, the mission of the World Awareness Children's Museum. The permanent collection includes over 6,000 cultural objects and 8,000 pieces of international youth art from 140 countries.


Art and artifacts are featured in the Museum’s hands-on learning space go! where children discover the world. These items are also used in educational programs and loaned to other Museums, businesses and institutions for display.

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Interactive exhibits for children to experience countries and cultures from around the world!


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